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Literature review for games


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Literature review for games

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Literature Review in Game-Based Learning | SpringerLink AbstractThe interest towards research on learning games is continuously Keywords: Teacher's role, games, qualitative literature review. These individuals also tended to have stronger beliefs about idealized romance Measures of Emotion: A Review. Pereira R.

Design of Educational Game: A Literature Review

Viamonte CM. N Media Society 19 8 — Nearly one quarter of the included studies observed female characters within video games. To identify the effect of the online game-based virtual learning environment on facilitating elementary students to pursue social inquiry learning and hence attain collaborative knowledge building. Bristol: Futurelab. Janssen J. Jess Williams 1,3 , Mark D. The belief that female gamers are less competent when using technology is also seen in computerized assessments and by their own self-perceptions Limitations Some limitations of the current review should be noted. Sweetser P. Building on from this, women need to support each other openly and visibly in the community, with reinforcement from men. Jones, M. Ludilogica Press, Milan Google Scholar. Baldassarri E. Paraglyph Press, Scottsdale Google Scholar. For example, Crow and Watts 55 found that some male teenagers changed their gender online to gain help from other players in the game or to help get rare items. Taken together, the research cited in the present narrative literature review suggests female gamers are a growing population. While this trend may indicate that game-based learning research has been active in Taiwan, it should be noted that overall, we found that the same researchers tend to publish multiple articles from similar research projects or research contexts. Cantoni, L. Second Ed. Many educational games can be viewed as serious games, which emphasize the function and power of gameplay beyond merely an entertainment medium. Ekman T. Existing meta-reviews of the effects of serious games suggest that games can be a viable learning approach in schools when there is a tight coupling between technology and pedagogy e. Fletcher Eds. Squire, Barab: Replaying history: Engaging urban underserved students in learning world history through computer simulation games. Qualitative data were generally in the form of interviews with selected students. Genre and game studies: Toward a critical approach to video game genres. It has been suggested that repeated exposure to violent video games may elicit more aggression from boys than girls They take on their own female roles as gamers and have their own i gaming experience and habits, ii game motivations and choices, iii technology preferences, and iv gamer identity. Six articles employed mixed methods, combining qualitative methods with either quasi-experimental or descriptive methods. Adaptation in Affective Video Games: A Literature Review. Boyan Bontchev​[email protected] View More View Less. 1 Software Engineering, Sofia.

Literature review for games - ERIC - ED - A Literature Review of Gaming in Education. Research Report, Pearson, Jun

Sexy, strong, and secondary: a content analysis of female characters in video games across 31 years. The study by Tian et al. LNCS, vol. Therefore, it is possible that female gamers do not succeed as much within violent video games as they often have to play an opposite-sex character competing against opposite-sex characters, reducing their presence and aggression, thus causing less success when leveling up or mastering the game. Wolfendale J. Overall, the included studies reflect the difficulties that women experience within video games among the general community of gaming. Hwang, G. It is key to note here that across countries, depending on laws and policies in different countries, the covers of video games may vary and that the results of Burgess et al. Current status, challenges, Eastin MS. This highlights that the problem of women having a valued presence in technological culture and industry is not new. N Media Society 14 1 — Are games effective for learning? Fisher 65 , who considered characters from video game magazines, suggested that women were represented as sex objects rather than actual characters or avatars for gamers. Valenti T. North American Conf. Ambinder M. Kato , Kyushu University, Japan.

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The literature suggests that there have been three generations of educational games distinctively defined by the underlying pedagogical approaches in game design and purpose Egenfeldt-Nielsen, ; Ulicsak, Burman E. A Grounded Investigation of Game Immersion. NMC horizon report: K edition. Teoria e pratiche. Smith, G. Interestingly, there were no articles that reported on the impact of games in the psychomotor domain. All Rights Reserved. Representation of women in video games: a systematic review of literature in consideration of adult female wellbeing. Graeber A. Despite the recent interest in gamification, we identified only three articles — Liu and Chu , Su and Cheng , and Boticki, Baksa, Seow, and Looi — which examined the impact of gamification in Asian educational contexts. Inspiring equal contribution and opportunity in a 3D multi-user virtual environment: bringing together men gamers and women non-gamers in Second Life. Roijers R. Zhao, Y. In their study of 39 female university students, Vermeulen and colleagues 80 demonstrated that women take gender as an indicator of skill when gaming, and they experienced more stress when playing against men. Tremblay J. In addition to this, an important reason for why women tend to play less video games than men is the coping strategies that are required to handle harassment online, with women often playing male characters in order to avoid in-game harassment and bullying 15 , 56 , 57 , Serious games as new educational tools: how effective are they? The main findings showed playing video games has benefits for women in terms of enhancing cognitive, social, and physical abilities. In teaching core subjects like science, it appears that the researchers attempted to position games not as a tool simply imparting abstract knowledge but as a space for situating identities and disciplinary practices. The mobile gaming industry: statistics, revenue, demographics, more infographic. Kirriemur, J. Personalised recommendations. Fem Psychol 12 2 —7. Shaffe r.

Design of Educational Game: A Literature Review | SpringerLink

De Aguilera, M. Under the strong influence of behaviorism, learning in edutainment games typically occurs by conditioning the link between the correct response and the stimuli with a reward system. Paraglyph Press, Scottsdale Google Scholar. Therefore, a motivation to engage with gaming might be related to self-perceived sexual attractiveness. Contrarily, male and female IGD participants reduced and increased cortical thickness, respectively, in their right PCC. The research studies coded include one qualitative, 15 quantitative, and six mixed methods designs. Van Der J. Personalised recommendations. Int J Game-Based Learn 3 3 — Educational Technology Research and Development, 56 2 , — Female gamers appear to require coping strategies to handle online harassment. Limitations Some limitations of the current review should be noted. Parnandi A. Tian, F. AbstractThe interest towards research on learning games is continuously Keywords: Teacher's role, games, qualitative literature review. 37 A Systematic Literature Review of Game-based Learning and Gamification Research in Asia: The synthesized findings and research gap. Modify Search.

Through this review, we intend to present a comprehensive analysis of what the body of accumulated research informs us of the impact of games in Asian educational settings and to draw implications for future research directions. However, very little attention has been paid to the societal and cultural parameters associated with gaming, even in cross-cultural studies. Sarkar S. Educational Technology Research and Development, 56 2 , — Video game violence and the female game player: self- and opponent gender effects on presence and aggressive thoughts. Ghozland, D. Int J Game-Based Learn 3 3 — Shaw A. Mc Namara A. The present review deals with models for the presentation of emotions, techniques for measuring behavioral signals, emotion recognition and adaptation mechanisms applied in video games with affective feedback including methods for their assessment and validation. Engaging Asian students through game mechanics: Findings from two experiment studies. Metrics Views 3. Norris KO. Weak experimental refers to a research design with no control group involved, but one that is experimental in nature, such as one group pre-test and post-test design and post-test only design with multiple groups. In another meta-analysis of serious games, Wouters et al. The study by Tian et al. Ekman T. Motivations for game play may also be indicated as a reason why women tend to play less than men.

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